You will collect almost all the finished pieces of writing you do for this class and submit it in a folder or portfolio on the last day of the term, May 16.  I will grade your portfolio at that time.   The grade on the final portfolio will count for 60% of your grade for the course.  (The other 40% comes from the earlier grades on your profile and reporter-at-large and from your class participation.  See HOME for breakdown.)   You may revise any of your work up to the last day, including the pieces I graded earlier.  If these pieces in your final portfolio are better than when you first submitted them, your final grade will reflect this improvement.

The pieces of writing in your portfolio should be arranged chronologically. 

Each portfolio will be read as a entire body of work, and the final grade for it will be my evaluation of that whole.  No one piece will damn or redeem the rest.  For each piece, I will consider content, organization, audience appeal, and style primarily, but surface errors (spelling, grammar, and usage), which slow me down and irritate me, will also be considered.  

On May 21, we will meet in our regular classroom during our assigned final exam period, but you will not have to write an exam!  Instead, you will write an evaluation of the course so that I can improve it for next year, and, of course, I will return your graded portfolio.

Contents of Final Portfolio

Due May 16

1. Observation, only the revised version

2. Autobiographical Sketch 

3.  Profile 

4.  Reporter-at-large Piece

5.  Revision of either your Profile or your Reporter-at-large piece

6.  1-2 pages on decision(s) (see syllabus, April 30).  

7.  1-2 pages on your experiences this term (see syllabus, May 9 ).