General:  The best search engine for finding anything on the WWW  Not just words, but also names of gods, people, and places


Writing Aids:

Writing about Literature:  A great deal of useful advice from the John Jay English Department

Compare: Prof. Licklider's advice on organizing a comparison/contrast essay

CUNY WriteSite: A wealth of material on writing for different disciplines, on writing for exams,on learning to proofread for and correct grammar errors, etc.

John Jay Writing Center: For links to other good pages on writing, grammar, etc.


The Prof's Literature Aids :

Iliad Aids:  Info on names, plus Summaries of the unassigned books and Study Questions

Odyssey Aids:  Info on names, plus Study Questions

Oresteia Aids:  Substantive comments on what happens in the trilogy

Oedipus Aids: The basic story and other tips

Sappho: Some poems of Sappho, plus info about her

Catullus: Some poems of Catullus, plus info about him


Literature Aids from Others:

The Classics Page: An oracle for asking questions, an interactive Iliad game, readings of Sappho in the original Greek and Catullus in Latin to hear, a discussion of Agamemnon and free will, a tour of central Athens, bits on Medea, an animated discussion of Greek pottery, and much more.  This site is a lot of fun to explore and could provide ideas for your final group project.

Greek Theatres: Pictures and info about the structure of Greek theatres with links to close -ups of seating and other features of an ancient theatre. 

Greek Theatre Masks: Pictures and info about ancient Greek theatre masks with explanations of their advantages.

Ramayana Aids: Thoughtful material on the Indian epic from Syracuse U

Das's Discussion:  For a three-part background discussion of the Ramayana by Subhamoy Das

Scroll Painting: For a fascinating scroll painting of the events in the Ramayana. Your computer must be Java-enabled to view this scroll.

Comic Book Ramayana:  For a lively comic-book version of the Ramayana

Sappho Info from Temple U: Ancient paintings of Sappho, plus good background info

Chinese Poetry: See and hear the poems in Chinese and read other translations

Chinese Poetry from Columbia U:  Read about and hear profs at Columbia U talk about Confucianism and different aspects of ancient Chinese poetry, specifically that of Li Po, Wang Wei, and Tu Fu

Essay on Confucianism  Read an essay about the very influential Chinese philosopher Confucius and his teachings.

Confucianism:  Read more about the very influential Chinese philosopher Confucius and his teachings.

Buddhism:  Read about this ancient religion and its founder Siddhartha Gautama, later called Buddha, the Enlightened One. 

Cultural Sites:

Greek Sites: The site of the Greek government, full of pix of places and things in Greece.  Click on Archaeological Sites and then on Delphi for fabulous pix of that shrine or on Mycenae for pix of that ancient stronghold.  Explore!  Then click on Museums and then on the National Archaeological Museum for the death mask called the Mask of Agamemnon, for vases, statues, jewelry and other treasures.  Explore!

Perseus:  The ultimate site for all info about the ancient Greek and Roman worlds and their texts; glossaries, dictionaries, maps, photos.  It's been put together by a consortium of universities in the Boston area and is located at Tufts U.  It's fabulously rich, but somewhat difficult to move around in.

The Met's Greek and Roman Art:  Go to the Met website,, than click on "Curatorial Departments" and then on "Greek and Roman Art."  Preview here the Metropolitan Museum's ancient Greek or Roman art before you visit the museum in person.  Also explore Indian and Chinese Asian art at the Met before you go in person.

UPenn Museum:  Click on UPenn's Greek World, and explore different themes in ancient Greece, such as Religion and Death, through the university's pottery, sculpture, and other objects.